Designed to help you scale and optimize

A workspace that is not only designed to scale but also equipped with top-notch functionalities for property management.

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image designed to help you scale and optimize

Flexible and scalable platform

Next-generation property management system

Empower your business with a comprehensive property management system. All property data, media, rates and availability are centralized and easy to modify, ensuring listings are updated at all times across all platforms.

image next-generation property management system
End-to-end solution

Complete suite of tools to manage every detail related to your properties. With One Mineral, you’ll never have to wonder if your property is in perfect condition.

Customizable features

Personalize content, fees, taxes and amenities to match your brand. Use multi-language inputs to reach more guests and update multiple properties at once using bulk updates.

Built to scale and grow

Be prepared to grow your portfolio of properties with a scalable and customizable environment to help create value.

' image content and pricing control

Content and pricing CONTROL

Manage the details with ease

One Mineral provides you with a comprehensive end-to-end property management system that allows you to visualize all property data at once and guarantee that pricing information is updated everywhere. Now you and your team can focus on building your business and spend less time on repetitive tasks.

Length of stay prices

Get ready to accept extended stays

Get the flexibility you need to start accepting guests for mid-term stays. Adjust pricing on seasonality and diversify your business offer to fill all your reservations gaps and book yourself solid this season.

Solutions that power your rental business

Discover the simplicity your rental business needs to succeed with One Mineral’s pioneering end-to-end solution. Drive transformation by accessing all the rental management tools you need on a single, unified platform.

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Reservations manager

Manage reservations all over the web, regardless of whether you are listed on a mobile and desktop platform.


Payment processing

More power to charge, collect and refund. Manage all of your payments and securely charge credit cards directly in the portal.


Channel manager

Recruit more guests through direct integration with leading channels and reduce the chance of double bookings. Plus, connect your own website for added convenience.

Property management can be a breeze when you partner with One Mineral.