Payment processing

Automate and keep track of all payments

Automate online payments and add offline payments with secure technology to charge credit cards.

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Never lose track of guest payments again

Our advanced Stripe integration empowers you to decide when to collect, charge or process refunds... Connect your account and enable automating payments. Plus, you can also save your offline payments and keep track of every detail of your business.

Consolidate payments

Track transactions from all booking sites and sources with aggregated charges under guests’ reservations.

Easily charge guests

Send a payment link for your guest to pay for direct bookings and streamline the process of getting paid.

Add multiple legal entities

Connect multiple Stripe accounts from various entities and start collecting accommodation chargers.

Payment workflow

Access all payments from guest

One Mineral automates payments and tracks transaction workflows froml your active channels and direct booking sites, providing visibility over payment status and consolidating all charges in one place.

Guest payment links

A fully integrated upsell route with payment links

Use payment links to get paid for guests reservations or generate new links for upselling opportunities in order to offer more concierge goods or services.

Security deposit automation

Automate and save time

Set up security deposit automation and decide when to automatically hold and release deposits for guest reservations.

Solutions that power your rental business

Discover the simplicity your rental business needs to succeed with One Mineral’s pioneering end-to-end solution. Drive transformation by accessing all the rental management tools you need on a single, unified platform.

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Reservations manager

Manage reservations all over the web, regardless of whether you are listed on a mobile and desktop platform.


Guest notifications

Save time with email automation for guests, owners and partners. Activate triggers and send immediate template responses.


Channel manager

Recruit more guests through direct integration with leading channels and reduce the chance of double bookings. Plus, connect your own website for added convenience.

Property management can be a breeze when you partner with One Mineral.