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Front-end Developer





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3 Years

The Role Frontend Developer at OneMineral to work in our projects and products. You will work with peers in the web team. And work together with project managers, designers, and backend engineers to implement, maintain scale and deploying the look, feel and application logic of our customer-facing websites. We’re excited to have our representatives anywhere in the world and we can’t wait to expand our team! This offer is Full-time/ Part-time opportunity open for candidates looking for a remote lifestyle and continue living wherever they want. Requirements 
  • Professional experience with with VueJS or any other modern JavaScript web framework (React, Ember, etc.)
  • Have deep appreciation of good design and UI/UX principles and care deeply about the end product.
  • Experience in building modern, scalable web applications.
  • A solid knowledge in JavaScript, ES6, Typescript, HTML5, CSS3 and any CSS preprocessor (we use SCSS).
  • Strong experience working with web APIs.
  • Proficiency in the English language, both written and verbal, sufficient for success in a remote and largely asynchronous work environment
  • Experience in using automated testing frameworks (Jest, Jasmine, Mocha, etc.).
  • Experience with performance and optimization problems and a demonstrated ability to both diagnose and prevent these problems
  • Know how to make trade-offs, when to incur technical debt and how to repay it.
  • Use your initiative and can work independently. You feel comfortable designing software systems and solutions and mentoring others.
  • Ability to break down an ambitious vision into smaller components, prioritise the work and manage the team towards success.
  Nice to have
  • Have solid communication skills. You are able to work in cross-functional teams and collaborate effectively with remote team members.
  • Website and UI design experience.
  • Take pride in your work and are always looking to improve, not settling for average.
  • Developer platform/tool industry experience.
  • Have a bias for action and are results-focused.
  ABOUT ONE MINERAL One Mineral is an innovative development firm specialized in information and communications technology. One Mineral has developed a flexible, API-driven, omnichannel, all-in-one platform capable of empowering any property manager or management company by easing the complexity of property managing.   Our Tech Stack Here are the main pieces of technology and tools that we are currently using:
  • PHP, Laravel, PHPUnit, PostgreSQL, and Redis for our web API services
  • Node.js, Vue.js with Vuex Typesript, SCSS, Jest (and a bit of Cypress) and Webpack for our websites
  • Git, Gitlab, Gitlab CI for our code and continuous integration
  • AWS for our infrastructure
  • New Relic for monitoring
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