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Building the future technology for rental management.
About One Mineral

We aim to empower property managers across the globe with powerful and easy-to-use software solutions.
Our founders started One Mineral back in 2018 with the ultimate goal of simplifying complex tasks of property managing.
With more than 20 years as property managers themselves, our founders put their expertise to work and built a powerful and customizable end-to-end platform to assist hosts, managers and distributers in all steps of the rental process. From channel management to payment processing to lead recruitment and management. One Mineral all-in-one platform eases the life of property managers.

From Transylvania to the world

Our routes and headquarters are here, but our reach is global. We are lucky to have One Mineral representatives everywhere. And we can't wait to expand even more.

  • Sibiu
  • Porto
  • Melbourne
  • Barcelona

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